Spiral Jetty, The Great Salt Lake.

Spiral Jetty Utah

If you live in Utah, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about the Spiral Jetty, but if you haven’t, here we go. I mean, what else can be written about this thing? there’s a million assholes who already wrote something about it, which you’ll see if you type “Spiral Jetty” in google, but if you are here reading what this asshole has to say about it, well, welcome.

The Spiral Jetty was built on the the northeastern shore of the Great Salt Lake, by artist Robert Smithson, who I assume was taking a lot of acid or mushrooms, because how else can you get the idea or determination to build this thing, which was built in 1970, so yeah probably drugs were involved. You can read more about how and what the artist was going for here.

This dude built this thing out of mud, salt crystals and basalt rocks, it’s a 1,500 foot long and 15 feet wide counter clockwise coil. You can really appreciate this thing a lot more if you climb the small hill behind it and look down on it. Depending on the water level of the lake, the sculpture could be submerged at times, but since the Salt Lake water level has constantly been dropping, there’s usually a big gap between here and the actual shoreline of the lake. Hopefully the Utah lawmakers can get the stick out of their ass and do something to save the Salt Lake, but that’s a whole other topic.

This is definitely a place you have to visit at least once in your life, kind of like watching the Avatar movies, you see it once and never watch it again.

Spiral Jetty plaque
Spiral Jetty flat shot
Salt Lake mountains
Spiral Jetty Salt lake
Spiral Jetty