Hiking the Farmington Creek Trail, during winter.

Farmington Creek Trail is a 4.3 mile hike and is consider a moderately challenging hike, it is located in Farmington, a city in northern Utah about 20 minutes north of Salt Lake. Dogs are allowed but must be leashed.

The start of this hike depends on whether the Farmington Canyon Road is open or closed, in the summer it’s open and you can park right at the trailhead, if it’s winter, it’s for sure closed and you just park at the bottom of the road in the parking lot and have to walk on the road before you start the actual trail. According to my calculations, a.k.a, google maps, this adds a 1.6 mile roundtrip to your hike. We did this hike in early March and the road was still closed.

This is a beautiful hike in the Wasatch Mountains, from here you can get a great view of the Salt Lake and the mountains around you, there’s also a good size waterfall at the end of the trail. Something else interesting about this hike it’s the old cars you’ll encounter on the trail, I guess they fell, or more likely were pushed from the canyon road above the trail, maybe old stolen cars?

Overall, this is a great hike to do in the Salt lake area, highly recommend.

Here’s some pictures from our time there.

old rusted car covered in snow
snowy mountain