Camping in the Heber Mountains.

Heber City is Located in Utah, about 25 Minutes from Park City, on the back side of the Wasatch mountains. If you are from Utah you are always hearing about the Wasatch mountains, but in case you are not from Utah, the Wasatch mountains is a mountain range that runs from the Utah-Idaho border through central Utah.

This is one of our favorite spots to go camping, not only because it’s relatively close to where we live, but it’s also just a beautiful area in general. I’m not going to pin point exactly where this particular camping spot is, but there are plenty of great spots up there. This mountains are managed by the Forest Service so make sure to read up on their regulations. you can read more about it here.

To get to this place, you have to drive East from Heber, If you type “Heber Mountain” on your GPS it will take you up the right road which will eventually turn into a dirt road and you should see a sign around here from the forest service. Continuing on this road you will find some side roads and places to camp, for the spot we like, you actually have to do a little walking up a small hill… maybe medium size hill.

Overall, this Mountains are amazing, full of life, very green in the summer, we’ve seen plenty of deer up there, heard some Coyotes at night, and even saw a moose late one night. this road closes sometime when it starts snowing up the mountains as it becomes impassable. Make sure to always check the weather conditions when you go up the mountains.

a pond on a road
Wasatch Mountains Heber
Wasatch Mountain side full of pine trees
sunset in the wasatch mountains
starry mountain night
night photo mountains